One special factor can connect a whole city or continent. In my proposal the connecting factor in the Finnish metropolitan area is the new union of universities (nowadays called Aalto University) that spreads its innovative units and happenings all around the city area. The future metro line from east to west Helsinki connects the different parts of the campus. Travellers and citizens can explore the campus in 40 minutes, just like any other concentrated campus area. The new university network starts to operate with small "cells": side by side with the already existing three campus areas, small potential spaces are developed along the metro route. These spaces are offered affordably to the schools’ factories, graduates and undergraduates that have interesting ideas to develop. The potential areas are supported by the new university for some time and the ones that create the most effective cooperations between different fields, innovations and active city structures, continue to receive support from the university. After some time, certain parts of the old universities might be moved inside these developing university "cores" and the new campus starts to get its form.

Parts of the new university spread inside the metro stations, train cars and spaces close to the metro stations.

The new university uses effectively the available space around the stations for its functions.
My vision on a map: the potential areas of the new university and their characteristics explained in Finnish.

Functions, units and events of the new university take place inside metro tunnels like in this vision view.

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