The art work proposal consists of "water drops": drop shaped stone surfaces whose look varies with different color lights, running water and versatile carved layers. The drops represent the streams of knowledge and ideas that hopefully fill the new university in the future. My idea was that each donator would get their own drop because the donators’ names would have been carved into the stone surfaces. The competition participants were allowed to choose the location of the memorial or even leave it completely unspecified. I decided to limit the realization area to Otaniemi because when this competition started, administrators had already decided that the new main campus of Aalto University will be built to Otaniemi.

The work comprises of several sculpture surfaces, shaped in the form of drops. The composition and dimensions of the "drops" depend on the space they are placed in. The location of the art work will be decided after the competition, during the planning process of the new Aalto University campus.

The art piece is formed from individual rock surfaces emphasized with water and colorful light. The shapes of the surfaces resemble water drops and invade the campus area like flowing water or star maps. They work like elements that lead people along the campus routes.

The sculptural surfaces can be arranged like leading elements along the essential walking paths inside the Aalto University campus. The work can be realized in different scales, indoors or outdoors or both. It guides the campus visitors through the key meeting places of the campus, such as squares, parks, caf├ęs and info spots.

A scale model, made out of cardboard and white plasticine. It represents a vision where the art piece would have been realized in a large scale outdoor environment.                                                                               

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