My article in AU Arkkitehtiuutiset (the magazine published by Finnish Association of Architects) issue 2/2017 presented a London-based landscape architecture studio Wayward. You can download the article in Finnish HERE.

I wrote an article about the different categories of environmental art to Arkkitehtiopiskelija (the magazine of the Finnish Architect Student Guilds) issue 1/2011. The issue was edited by Milja Hartikainen, layout was done by Marja Rautaharju.You can download my article in Finnish HERE.
I wrote an article about the connections between landscape architecture and visual arts to Ravista  (the journal of the Finnish Landscape Architecture Student Guild) issue 9/2010.The issue was edited and the layout was done by Suvi Saastamoinen. You can read the article in Finnish HERE.
Eeva Pitk√§nen wrote an article about my urban design course work to Polysteekki (the journal of the former Helsinki University of Technology) issue 2/2008. The aim of the course was to connect the three campuses of the envisioned Aalto University with the means of urban design and planning. You can read the article in Finnish HERE.